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Team Ignited!

Our team is gearing up for the official 203 Asian FilmLab shoot out!! 😀 This project will feature certain actors and abode by the official rules! Check back with us … Continue reading

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Official Ren Aires

Carrier O2 Profile: Name: Ren Aires Age: 24 Team: Ki (氣) Ability: GREAT physical fighting ability and flexibility Addnt’l Notes: He moves through space and obstacles very easily and with … Continue reading

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Official Single of Ian Matthews

Carrier O2 Profile: Name: Ian Matthews Age: 24 Team: Triverse Ability: Speed, agility, and logic Addnt’l Notes: His body allows him to move faster, lighter, and more careful than the … Continue reading

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IndieGogo Ad 2

The second ad/video is up!! This shows more of what will be featured in the teaser, which should be posted later this week!! Look forward to it and thanks for … Continue reading

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Special Gear!!!

Sorry for being away for a bit! The Friday shoot was successful!! Check out our photos!! Look forward to a new video for IndieGogo along with the release of our … Continue reading

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Impressive Discovery!

(Can you guess who the above photo is of?) Tomorrow (Friday) morning, bright and early, a very small unit will be shooting the beginning of our teaser! First around LA … Continue reading

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Team Triverse

Members: Winston Etton, Ian Matthews, Jamie Pierce, Eve Wang Mission: Learn the skills necessary to survive on missions alone. All from different parts of the world but gathered for the … Continue reading

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