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Not Every Day …

It’s not every day that the project you worked hard on gets stolen from you by someone you trusted. No, it is not. Indeed, more every day things would be to succeed after working hard and showing the world what you can accomplish if you put your heart, blood, sweat, and tears into it.

Unfortunately, this is a not every day situation that has plagued our recent “Carrier O2” project, which is cause enough to terminate it for the time being.

Sad Face

It’s not fair, it hurts, and the responsible parties have been dealt with, but please bear with us as we regroup, re-story, and re-energize ourselves for the upcoming year and projects.

Thank you to all who have supported the Co2 project. We will, however, continue working with the faces and teams you’ve gotten to know thus far. This is just the official end of the Co2 updates for the time being. If possible, we’ll raise a web series that may be able to compete on the smaller fields before overtaking the predecessors, but we will focus on our upcoming projects instead of our big baby we had been working on.

The footage from what has been shot and released will come about slowly. Have a happy holiday and a happy New Year. May it bring us all new things, opportunities, and happiness.

~~ From the Ignited Media Productions Team


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