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Impressive Discovery!

im_ks(Can you guess who the above photo is of?)

Tomorrow (Friday) morning, bright and early, a very small unit will be shooting the beginning of our teaser! First around LA and then up in Santa Clarita! … Can you find us? (jk, jk, don’t come find us!!) Our featurette and trailers are all ready to go… and the clouds are rolling in, along with what sounds like thunder! … Well, here’s hoping for a great shoot tomorrow, eh?

On the side, T is a HUGE fan of Korean dramas (especially ‘City Hunter‘) and just found out that the lead, Lee MinHo, will, indeed, star in the upcoming ‘Boys Over Flowers 2‘ (the K-Drama version) as the much loved, rich and ignorant, Goo JunPyo! Not only that, but Dakota Fanning is also in it! She’s not excited about this rom-dramedy continuing, but she’s happy to see that Mr. Lee will continue with dramas and not just stop on Toyota commercials (though she has yet to watch any of them…). Despite the rumors of him looking like a cow, she’s still a fan.

In other news, co-productions are sprouting up everywhere. What’s exciting about ‘Carrier O2‘ is that it’s already a co-production. Most of the music is coming from Soyo Studios in Guangzhou, China. They’re currently building a new facility and working hard to open by May 25th, 2013! We wish them the best and will have pictures up when we can!!

Well, we’ll post pictures, soon! Not to mention, each character’s individual shots! Look forward to it! Also, please share our Indiegogo campaign with friends you think would support minorities on the big screen!

As for our new video, it’s coming! The final bits will be shot tomorrow! Everyone is hoping T won’t hide in a dark corner… or we’ll just drag her out. This will be fun! Check back soon! I promise there will be good stuff up soon!

One more thing!! Team Ignited is officially signed up for the Asian Film Lab’s 72-hr shoot out from June 1st-3rd!! They are planning to shoot around the LA area, so if you’re in the area, give a holler and maybe be an extra? 😀 More info to come about that, soon… I hope!

*If you’re Asian and looking to enlist in something invigorating and challenging, please consider joining the Marines. They are opening and searching (as advertised in the news)!! It’s a life of loyalty and honor, along with great training to fight with guns and h2h (hand-2-hand) combat! Good luck and God’s speed!


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