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Not Every Day …

It’s not every day that the project you worked hard on gets stolen from you by someone you trusted. No, it is not. Indeed, more every day things would be … Continue reading

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Due to the recent summer break, LOADS of people were called away, thus our production slowed down. I apologize now for this staggering news! HOWEVER! We’ve had some time to … Continue reading

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In Cognito

Being “Press” at the LA Film Festival opening night, “I’m So Excited” haha!

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Official Dari Bak

Carrier O2 Profile: Name: Dari Bak Age: 22 Team: Ki (氣) Ability: Automotive and Armory Addnt’l Notes: Whatever it is, she can relatively figure it out enough to use it … Continue reading

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Official Single for David Kim

Carrier O2 Profile: Name: David Kim Age: 24 Team: Ki (氣) Ability: Power (strength) [At times, physical instability] Addnt’l Notes: He can fight very well, though not as well as … Continue reading

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Editing for the 72hrSO!

Isn’t this nice? 29:10 have passed! =D So far, we’ve brainstormed, written, slept, shot, and edited!! 😀 Are you excited? Cuz we are!! GO TEAM!

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Shooting the 72!

On the set of our 72 shoot!! Exciting and dangerous!! Bleeding it out!!

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